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Product Name Carbon Monoxide Detector
Model CO-232
Operating Voltage 3V lithium battery (CR17450)
Standby Current ≤20uA
Alarm Current ≤35mA
Alarm Sound Pressure ≥ 85dB@1m
Material ABS
Certificate EN50291
Dimension Ø94 * H35.1mm
Weight 126g

【 Product Parameter 】

•   Operating voltage :                             3V lithium battery (CR17450)                                                               •   Standby current :                                                             ≤ 20uA

•   Sensor life :                                                                          10 years                                                               •    Alarm current :                                                               ≤ 35mA

•   Alarm sound pressure :                                                ≥ 85dB@1m                                                               •   Silence function :                                          approx. 10 minutes

•   Alarm concentration :        50ppm, 60-90 minutes ; 100ppm, 10-40 minutes ; 300ppm, within 3 minutes     •   Material :                                                                               ABS

   Certificate :                                                                         EN50291                                                                •   Installation mode :                                                 wall mounted

•   Operation temperature :                                              -10℃~50℃                                                                •   Operation humidity :                    ≤ 95%RH(no condensation)

•    Dimension :                                                                      Ø94 * H35.1mm                                                                  •   Weight :                                                                               126g


【 Product Introduction

Carbon monoxide detectors are perfect for protecting your family from carbon monoxide. Advanced protection level, easy to read with digital display, even in low light conditions with blue backlight. The unit that shows the level of carbon monoxide is induction. Green indicator: If the indicator blinks every 30 seconds, the device is working properly. Red leds: Red leds pulse and emit a loud alarm signal when dangerous levels of carbon monoxide are detected. The carbon monoxide alarm mode is 3 short beeps accompanied by a corresponding red LED flash. Until the device is reset or the CO is eliminated. The test button is designed for weekly testing, and if it works properly, when the battery is low, a beep, yellow LED flashes, and the user is alerted that the battery needs to be replaced. You are advised to install this alarm on a wall. Compact structure, light weight, easy to operate.